It is true that rubber chair casters might not be the best option for certain floor types.

However, this type of chair wheel castor is arguably the most flexible since it can accommodate more floor types than any other kind of chair Stire wheel. If you plan on buying castors for your office or home chairs, you need to learn first whether they will work well with your kind of flooring.

Rubber chair casters can be used on hardwood floors. Depending on the type of wood used, your best choice would be soft wheel rubber since they are good for most wooden floors and will not cause damage or produce scratches like nylon castors do. It is because rubber wheels roll on the floor, while a nylon wheel glides which can cause damage to wood.

Aside from hardwood, a soft rubber wheel is also the best choice for floors covered with plastic mats and those made from ceramic tiles. If you have swivel chairs in your office, soft rubber can still be used, although it is advisable to use a crown tread to allow for a more flexible movement or swivel. Rubber wheels and castors can be used on almost all types of floors, but it is not recommended for laminate and carpeted floors.

There are several retailers from whom you can order rubber castor products. These retailers offer a wide range of types and models made by top manufacturers. One such seller is Global Industrial. Global has an online shop where customers can browse a long list of products. Some of the best selling items in this store are the heavy duty mold-on rubber wheels which come in varying wheel thickness and different features. Prices for the heavy duty rubber wheels range between $19 and $23.

Another reliable source of rubber castors is Business Furniture Shop. In here, you can find a lot of brands and types to choose from. An example is the Wizard Heavy Duty Casters that feature a self-lubricating rubber wheel and castors with separate lower and upper bearing races. These products are durable and provide smooth and easy mobility. The chair wheels and castors also look good in office or home settings, particularly because of the nickel plating the can complement all types of furniture.

If you’re looking for chair rubber castors, as well as furniture castors, then Caster City would be a good place to start. The retailer has both types of casters and each type has various makes and models on offer.

One of the best selling products at Caster City is the Elite series of super soft wheel rubber castors. These products are designed for ceramic tile and hardwood flooring and can also be used in floors with plastic mats. Accessories like ring stems and sockets are also offered by the retailer.

Before you buy rubber chair casters, make sure that it is the appropriate type of chair tire for your floor. Ask questions before you make any purchase. Most online retailers of chair wheels do have online customer services where you can post questions and ask for details. if you are looking for most comfortable home office chair with good casters, just visit