The Many Benefits of Getting a Double Deck Bed for the Kids

Double deck beds are not just space savers; that’s just one of the many reasons to put them in the kids’ bedroom. For kids and adolescents, sharing double deck beds aka bunk beds can create powerful memories and actually strengthen the bond between siblings who share rooms. By making your kids share a double deck bed, you’re giving them a shared space or responsibility that can bring them much closer together.

But those are not the only reasons why this type of sleeping arrangement could be ideal for the kids’ bedroom.

Double Deck Beds Allow for More Creative Bedroom Placement

A double deck bed is essentially just two beds on top of one another. And that configuration can be accomplished in a number of creative and very functional ways. Apart from getting a traditional bunk bed wherein one bed is on top and parallel to the other, you can opt for other configurations.

If you’re remodeling the kids’ room and getting some construction done in the process, the double deck bed can be built right into the bedroom. And in most cases, you can cleverly use your home’s existing architecture to accommodate having a built-in bunk bed. Your kids are bound to appreciate cleverly placed bunk beds more than ones that are traditional (and possibly boring for children).

Built-in double deck beds are also great ways to execute fun themes for your kids’ bedroom. There’s nothing quite as awesome as sharing a rustic, navy-type bunk bed with your siblings in your very own pirate ship/astronaut-themed bedroom. Double deck beds and thematic kids’ bedrooms just go together like waffles and maple syrup.

Double Deck Beds Offer Clever Storage and Functional Bedroom Solutions

Another advantage of having bunk beds is that it opens up a bunch of new possibilities for any existing kids’ bedroom. For instance, because a double deck bed is a taller piece of bedroom furniture, its sides can be turned into storage shelves for books and other knickknacks. Instead of using a ladder for top bunk access, you can install small stairs and even use the steps as drawers for extra storage.

Apart from additional storage, the sides of double deck beds can also be built to function as a work table for study, or even as a small wall for personal keepsakes. If you want, instead of installing drawers underneath the bottom bed, you can even install an extra bed and mattress for when the kids have sleepovers. With a bit of clever DIY, there’s no limit to how you can improve your kids’ bedroom by installing a multi-functional double deck bed that they can share.

Correctly Designed Double Deck Beds Are 100% Safe for Kids

One concern that parents have when getting bunk beds for their kids is whether or not sleeping on the top bunk is safe. As long as there are adequate safety rails on the top bed, and the child or teen sleeping up top is of sound mental condition, there’s no real reason to worry. Just make 100% sure that the rails are secure enough to hold the weight of a child or teen.

Bunk Beds Ain’t Just for Kids

Your kids’ bedroom isn’t the only place in your house where it’s ideal to use a bunk bed. If you’re considering a new configuration for the guest room, why not go with a double decker?

It’s bound to be a welcome and nostalgic surprise for any adult guests used to sleeping on traditional (and comparatively boring) beds in their own homes. Give your guests a reason not to forget the time they slept in your home by providing them with a quirky, cozy double deck bed to sleep on. Extra points if the guest room bunk bed comes with clever storage reserved for guest use.