What to Look for When Buying Cabinets for a Brick Kitchen

Brick walls look attractive in practically any size kitchen. The cabinets you choose can make your brick kitchen look even more inviting to friends and family. Consider a few helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing brick kitchen cabinets.

Choose a Color That Complements the Brick

There are many types of brick walls found in today’s kitchens. A wall may feature tan, white, gray or even black bricks. Of course, some kitchens have traditional red brick walls. Getting the perfect cabinets for your kitchen means finding some in a color that complements your brick walls. For example, if you have tan brick in your kitchen you may want to go with cabinets in cherry wood to bring some color into the space. If you have red brick walls, you may want to go with cabinets in deep brown to establish a warm tone in the decor. Remember that the cabinets you choose should combine with the brick walls, your furniture, the counter tops and more to create visual harmony in the room.

Pick a Cabinet Design That Enhances Your Brick Walls

Kitchen cabinets of all colors are available in a variety of designs. Some cabinet doors have a raised surface while others have a recessed one. These subtle design details can contribute to the overall appearance of the room. If your brick walls have very little texture, you may want to go with a raised design on your cabinet doors to add a little more interest to the décor. Or, if the bricks in your kitchen have a rough texture, you can go with cabinets featuring flat doors to serve as a contrast to the walls.

Select a Durable Product

Brick is durable material that is made to endure moisture, smoke and other elements found in a kitchen. So, you want to choose cabinetsthat share that same level of durability.

Choose Appealing Handles or Knobs

The handles on your cabinet doors may seem like a small detail, but they can really add to the look of your kitchen. If you have bricks in your kitchen that have been painted bright white you may want to choose silver or gold knobs for your cabinet doors. This is a design detail that will stand out and grab the attention of anyone who walks in the room. Or, if you have black or dark gray brick walls, a set of brushed nickel cabinet door handles can contribute to the modern, sleek look of the space.

Taking some time to think about your kitchen cabinet options can pay off in the end. You can choose cabinets that make your unique brickwalls look even more impressive.