Expand Your Castle with Self-Storage

Many people view their home as a castle. It’s a place where tastes can run free. Unfortunately, all homes have a limited amount of space. This is where the beauty of storage units come in!

Yes, Storage Units Are For You!

Many people mistakenly believe that storage units are only used by hoarders or people in the process of moving into a new home or apartment. This isn’t true! Storage units are used by many different types of people. What links these people together is a common desire to maximize, prioritize, and organize. A storage unit maximizes your storage space, it allows you to prioritize what you want to keep accessible in your home, and it helps keep your life organized. Everyone can benefit from this thinking.

Storage Units Are Not For Junk

A common misconception is that storage units are used to squirrel away worthless junk. Unfortunately, reality television shows often spread this misconception. Thankfully, people are beginning to know better. For example, a storage unit might be used to keep a luxury car off the road in the winter. A beautiful Corvette or Cadillac is hardly a description of junk! Storage units are also used to store seasonal items. Few people would call Christmas decorations or lawn furniture a bunch of junk. These are simply items that deserve a home away from home due to their seasonal nature.

Property Protection

A storage unit can provide you with peace of mind regarding your belongings. Yes, this means your objects can be protected from thieves and criminals. However, a storage unit can also offer protection from other problems. For example, since storage units aren’t occupied by humans, there is a less likely chance of your belongings being damaged by water or fire. The same holds true with household pests and pets. Your belongings are stored in a clean, safe, and dry place.

Get Organized

People are quickly realizing that storage units don’t need to be crammed full of items you can’t find in a jiffy. If you take the time to plan what goes into your storage unit, it can easily become perfectly organized. One problem with storing seldom used items in an attic or basement is the constant need to rearrange the stuff. You might need to move stuff around the basement to fix the water heater or shift boxes around the attic to fix insulation. A storage unit doesn’t double as any other space. You’ll be able to place items there, and you will know they won’t need to be moved again until you want them.


Finally, storage units are easily affordable for most families. Storage units come in all different sizes and options. If you can’t afford to build an extension onto your actual home, Alhambra storage units and units in other locations are a cost effective way to expand your castle!

What are you waiting for? Find a storage unit in your area today!