Use Of Subway Tile Backsplashes For Your Home Interiors

Subway tile designs are very popular designs for kitchens and bathrooms. They date back to 1900s, when gained wide popularity by their use in the New York’s subway systems. They were these square tiles backsplashes used majorly to protect the walls from any kind of water splashes. Over the years they have only become more and more popular.

Now, the use of glass tiles backsplashes is not only limited to kitchens and bathrooms, but you can even use them artistically to design your home’s interior. Thus you must know more about the subway tiles backsplashes and how can you use them to decorate your home.

What are Subway Tiles Designs?

As mentioned above, subway tiles are used in the subway systems of New York. They are typical square or rectangular tiles with brick like effects placed in straight horizontal pattern. Inspired by this, people also started using this design in their homes especially in kitchens and bathrooms. There are various colors and styles that you choose from to create a pattern for walls.

These tiles are normally made of ceramic and sometimes have a glass like finish to them. There are several advantages of using these tiles like they are quite easy to maintain and clean. You can get a stain or dirt off the tiles very easily and they are also very durable and strong. You can go for discount subway tile online and choose from a wide range of subway tiles.

The Use of Subway Tiles

The subway tiles have been quite famous among people for a long time. They give a smooth metal like finish which gives a more sophisticated look. Also, the fact that they come in almost every color and design increases its popularity. They are not only limited to use in kitchens and bathrooms, but you can also use them outdoors like in your pool. Use of these tiles in your pool will make it look more lively and playful.

You can also use a pattern of these tiles for an installation in your home décor. There are also options for you to team glass tiles with marbles, pebbles and other stones to create a beautiful pattern that you can showcase in your home to enhance the aesthetics of your house. You can also use the glass tiles in your gardens or backyards to create a unique look.

There are many tile manufacturers who are now experimenting with the sizes and shapes of tiles. You can find various shapes and sizes of glass tiles in the market like hexagonal, circular and many more. You can use guidance of interior designers to see which color and shape tiles will go best with your home’s décor and choose accordingly.

Subway tiles are no longer limited to subways. You can incorporate beautiful patterns of these tiles in your home and enhance the look of your home. So if you have been confused with the planning of your home’s interiors, subway tiles are something that you can go for.