What To Choose Steel or Fiberglass Front Doors? Decision is Yours

When people are careful in purchasing a property or selecting tiles for the kitchen back-splash, why not be certain about entry doors that are equally important for interior and exterior? Although there would be a number of attractive and worth considering options, people have to go for the best possible match that promises maximum aesthetic appeal as well as performance. Since it’s not just about appearance, things get complicated when people want every feature in one piece. Their decision becomes daunting and time consuming when there are countless options.

Technology has help door manufacturers to introduce various materials with unique features. There are wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass and various other front door materials that may work in the way people would expect. But, fiberglass and steel have turned out to be quite impressive and incredible materials because they are most cost effective and durable than traditional wood doors. The best thing is that both materials offer energy efficiency and need minimal maintenance. Though, they differ in styles and other features that would help to decide which option to go with:

Exterior and Interior Finish

While searching for exterior doors, home’s architecture and design would be the first considerations. If it has wood trims with a beige stucco exterior, white two-panel door can satisfy the needs. Steel and fiberglass front doors can provide incredible exterior finish and touch. Though, fiberglass has an edge due to its wood look finish that consists of stainable frames to complement internal wood trims. Having a geometric and modern design means that a flush steel door could be a good decision to give contemporary looks.

Direction of Entryway

Direction of home determines the amount of sunlight entering during the morning, afternoon and evening. Needless to say, entry doors are affected by their direction. West and south facing front doors catch the most sunlight while their opposites have calmer weathering treatments.

Steel and fiberglass front doors offer insulation, energy efficiency and resistance against warping and cracking. Since steel doors are good conductors of heat, homeowners would always have to struggle in maintaining inside temperature. They need frequent maintenance as compared to fiberglass front doors but are quite affordable.

Nature of Use

Another consideration while searching for front doors is to analyze the nature of use. To do so, homeowners should have to ask the following questions:

  • Are the front doors used to move large objects in and out of the home?
  • Are the households active/busy?
  • Are there pets that frequently move throughout the home?

Yes, they are quite personal questions that tend to have great significance in selecting a door type. Fiberglass front doors can resist rusting, rotting and deterioration while steel doors can be easily dented, scratched and painted. Both materials need low maintenance but their expenses are different. So, the final choice would be made as per wear and tear that the door would have to endure.

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