Keeping Your Server Room Secure Through Air Flow

Server rooms are more important than ever in securing the life of an organization. With their massive storage capacities and ability to link together potentially hundreds of individual computers and their users, productivity and efficiency has never been higher. However, these achievements also come with risks.

Without proper care and precaution, your server room can become a ticking time bomb of disaster, says While keeping all your important files in one place is convenient, any sort of tragedy that befalls that location could completely ruin the organization that uses it. And nothing is more detrimental to a server room’s health than poor air flow.

Let’s go over why this is and what you can do to prevent the problems associated with improper air flow in your server room.

The Necessity of Air Flow

Like any computer, a server needs proper circulation to function at maximum capacity. With servers, this is an even greater necessity, as servers process many times more information at once than a single computer ever does or can. Should something happen to disrupt the air flow in a server room, the results could be detrimental.

Overheating servers run slowly and fail more often, potentially causing massive data loss and slowdowns across a network. In the worst cases, parts of the server may even begin melting. None of this is good, obviously, so you need to prevent this in any way possible.

Maintaining the Server Room

For starts, you can maintain the health of your server room by ensuring there is adequate air flow within the room. A central air system can be helpful with this, keeping the air from stagnating within the room and ensuring the atmosphere can never become too hot.

Additionally, maintaining the room itself is critical, as it won’t matter how well you protect your servers if the room they’re housed in is falling apart. Busted pipes can short out electronics, so inspect any water sources nearby frequently to ensure no such accidents happen. Additionally, humidity in a server room can cause mold to grow. Spot cooling damp areas with a portable air conditioning unit can help to mitigate this problem.


It’s important to keep your servers and the room they’re housed in safe and in good condition. This is easy to accomplish with just a bit of foresight and proactivity.