An Introduction to Different Types of Plumbing Fittings

Plumbing fittings include a wide range of plumbing hardware including faucets, water pipes, joints, pipe elbows and many other things that are used to join and link the water system. Water system in a house is very important part which requires most focus. You must ensure that you install best plumbing fittings which can work for decades. To have an uninterrupted supply and avoid serious repercussions.

There are different phases in building a house and building a plumbing system is the phases which requires your utmost attention. Most people spends a lot of money and gives great attention to the outside appearance of the faucets, showers and pipes. In the meantime, they ignore the important of underground pipelines and the pipelines that work underneath. They don’t realize the importance of a safe plumbing system. Faulty and weak plumbing fittings can cause the water leakage, which can cause great damage to your house.

Leakage of water through the plumbing fittings can cause seepage of water into the concrete and walls of your house. This seepage can weaken the structure of your house in a few years and can be very dangerous. To avoid this kind of mishap you need a good plumbing system which uses good quality plumbing fittings. In addition to good quality plumbing system, you also need to have it regularly checked and maintained by professional plumber. This checking should be every six months.

There are different types of plumbing fittings in the market and you should choose carefully as per your house requirements. Your professional plumber who install your plumbing system is the one who will recommend you the fittings and pipes. The basic function of the fittings is to just connect two pipes without causing any water leakage. Different materials are used to make the plumbing fittings. The most commonly used types of fittings include copper pipe fittings, black iron pipe fittings, steel fittings and PVC fittings. Mostly the fittings used in the plumbing depend on the pipes of your system. If you are using steel pipes in the plumbing system, then the fittings will also be steel made. If you are using copper pipes, then the fittings will be copper made.

You can easily get your plumbing supplies from any local hardware store. Hardware stores have all kinds of pipes and fittings. You can consult with your plumber and choose the one which suits best to your house and your pocket. If you cannot afford the expensive pipes and fittings, then you should make sure that you get good quality fittings, even if they are cheaper. The quality should not be compromised on the money. You should know all the sizes and types of fittings available in market in order to get the best suitable plumbing system. Therefore, your best option is to simply hire a professional who can do all the job for you. Make sure you always hire a skilled plumber who knows his job best. This can save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run.